The Great Throwdini — ‘The World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower’ performs MAXIMUM RISK - The Impalement Arts with a Touch of Magic and Comedy
Appears in Guinness World Records Super Humans


          The Great Throwdini is (The Rev. Dr.) David R. Adamovich


                    (516) 546-1425

Professional Knife Thrower (Impalement Artist), 

World Champion, and Multiple World Record Holder

The only Knife Thrower to  ever Perform The Veiled Double Wheel of Death (2 assistants behind a paper veil)

Recipient of Magic’s Highest Honor, The Merlin Award (International Magicians Society) for the Impalement Arts

40 World Records Set or Broken, Including ‘One of the Top 100 Guinness World Records of All Time’

Cartooned by Ripley’s Believe it or Not! for catching a bullet, an arrow, and a knife (accomplished by no other)

Past President of Parent Assembly #1, Society of American Magicians (2013/14)

Performs in major variety art and magic venues worldwide featuring one-of-a-kind stunts performed my no other artist


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“He is widely regarded as being perhaps the greatest knife thrower who has ever lived.”
                                                                               Sean Bergen, News 12 Long Island